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Hello!  Welcome to the University of the Cumberlands!

A major component of going to college is beginning to learn how to live on your own.  How to do your own laundry.  How to make sure you set the alarm clock, and then how to make certain you get up when it goes off!  How to get along with people who are very different from us, or how to get along with people who are just like us.  Sometimes, that last one it the hardest to do.

UC’s Residence Life program aims to help you create a comfortable, safe environment in which you can live, learn, socialize, and grow.  As you examine the information found here through the Residence Life pages, you will find out about our residence facilities and the people who manage them.  You will learn what each residence hall offers and what you might need to bring with you to create your unique space on the UC campus.  There is also information about what is not considered safe or appropriate in our residence halls.

Take some time and explore the site.  And please let me know if you have any questions.  I would appreciate having the opportunity to talk with you about all University of the Cumberlands has to offer through our Residence Life Program.

Linda Carter Ms. Linda Carter, Dean of Student Life
Student Services Office
Phone: 606.539.4230
Fax: 606.539.4136

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