Welcome to the Joining In Memory web site. If you have lost a child, I am so terribly sorry that you found this web site because of your tragedy. This web site is for parents who have lost children. We hope you feel that it is a place where you can find inspiration and comfort. As you read the web site and newsletters, I hope you will feel that you have found a group who truly understand your grief and a group with which you can identify.

Because we want everyone to know our children, the newsletters and later the web site was started. I hope you will get to know Young Jim by visiting his site "Jim's Page." He was a great young man who continues to make a difference in the lives who knew him here on earth, and also those who have gotten to know him since his death. He is changing the lives of many students through a scholarship in his name at the University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY..

All of the newsletters are now on the web site. I hope you will email your name, snail mail address, your child(ren)s name(s), their birth and angel dates, cause of death, and symbol(s). A symbol is something that perhaps your children collected, liked to do, or maybe something that has happened since his or her death that has let you know they are still around you. By reading all the newsletters in sequence, you not only see each of our progression in our grief, but you have the opportunity to meet our children. It is so important that we keep their memories alive. They will not be forgotten by any of us who know them.

A symbol is also important for our childrenís memory. By selecting a symbol, it tells something about our childís life and/or even events since their death, and it will also encourage others to remember them when they see that symbol. We chose a Pegasus as young Jimís symbol because of his love for horses, and since he is now an angel (with his halo probably slightly tilted) he should have a winged horse on which to ride.

I hope you will look at the many dedications we have made in our children's names. Please look under "Dedications to our Children." If you would like to have your child listed with the "Birth and Angel Dates," and if you have a web site you would like to have added to "Fellow Travelers' Web sites" please let me know so we can get to know your child. If you would like to have your child memorialized by buying a brick in his or her name to be placed in J.I.M.'s Common, you can find an order blank on the web site.

You are in my prayers as you journey through your grief.

Love from a fellow traveler,

Dinah Taylor