"The Forgotten Grievers"

SIBLINGS and Children


RENEW, Center for personal recovery

Dr. Judy Davidson

Offers journaling for ages 4 and up and Child's grief process video.


Surviving a Sibling

by Scott Mastley

Discovering Life after Loss


"Heartsongs" and "Hope through Heartsongs" and "Celebrate through Heartsongs,"

by Mattie Stepanek

A book of poetry written by a young boy who suffers from a rare form of muscular distrophy and the loss of his three siblings to the same life-threatening condition.


Something to Remember Me By

  by Susan V. Bosak with Laurie McGaw

"It's the little things, the simple things. It's the big, warm smiles and warm snuggly hugs. It's the moments that make memories."

Available in book stores


At Fernside, we know that the grieving child has the capacity to rebuild, so we gently encourage sharing of stories, feelings and memories with trusted friends, honoring each one's search for a new beginning. Founded in 1986 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


The Compassionate Friends Organization Sibling Websites

They offer a sibling website through some of their community groups

Atlanta, GA Chapter

Miami Valley, OH TCF

Janet Schnell (812) 630-6779. suicidesurvivor@insightbb.com ...


Heidi Horsley, Psy.D, MSW, MS - co-host of "Healing the Grieving Heart" heard weekly on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel. She has extensive experience doing seminars and presentations on sibling grief.





The Ice Cube Book , Written by Sherran McDonough and artist Jane Conrad

This is a "how to" book (for children) facilitating discussion regarding transition. A practical approach ro speak with children after someone has made their transition to Heaven. Sherran wants to give a message to the children of the world to help them understand, in some small way, the transition from life to a heavenly place. This book can be used as a teaching tool and a means of open discussion regarding this delicate topic.


For more information, contact Sherran at sherranmcdonough.semonin.com