Fellow Travelers' Websites



Karen Hendrickson 1962-1999

sister of Kathleen Hendrickson, OH



son of Ron & Maria Faller, PA

Colette Coyne 1968-1998

daughter of Patrick & Colette Coyne, NY

David Leon McLaghlin 1985-2001

son of Lee Ann Lofton, NC

Kara Leigh Broughton 1975-1995

daughter of Joyce Dunham, AL

Richie Williamson, III 1985-2001

son of Audrey Williamson, KY

Emily Collins 1982-2000

daughter of Bob & Terry Collins, NY

Kenneth Edward Long 1964-2001

son of Julia Long, NV

Nicholas Ryan Over 1980-2001

son of Cristal Over, PA

Rhonda Bevington 1964-1980

daughter of Rodney & Kay Bevington, OH

Stephen Christopher Shane Schnurr 1974-2001

son of Peggy Schnurr, Canada

Casey Russell 1984-1994

son of Frank & Beth Russell, AL

Kaitlyn Louise Scott 2000-2002

daughter of Donnell Scott, MO

Emily NuHavun 1973-1995

daughter of David & Judy NuHaven, NY

Mary Helen Lacy 1983-1991

daughter of Karen Lacy, MO

Lisa Mewbourne 1965-1991

Lisa Mewbourne

Lisa Mewbourne

In Memory of Lisa's 40th Birthday

daughter of Rob & Faye Martin, GA

Alex Hunter Goodman 1998-1998

son of Gina Goodman, VA

Tabitha Hendrickson 1984-2000

daughter of Glen and Sandy Blanks, TX

Shawn Disney 1997-2003

son of Curt & Melanie Disney, NE

Randy Pete Hecox 1969-1999

son of Alice Hecox, MO

Jessica Bryl 1977-2000

daughter of Dan & Betty Bryl, GA

Thomas Farris 1974-1998

son of Bernie Maher, NY

Andrew Hooker 1996-2001

son of Craig & Doris Hooker, IN

Michael Schultz 1998-1999

son of John & Beth Schultz, TX

Jessica Lawson 2002

Another site for Jessica

daughter of Michael & Lynette Lawson, KY

Jim Taylor, II 1972-1991

son of Jim & Dinah Taylor, KY

Drew Smith 1974-1992

Jeremiah Smith 1977-1002

sons of Luther & Rosemary Smith, KY

Carrie and Aaron Beams

Another website for Carrie and Aaron

son and daughter of Joe & Jackie Beams, KY

Rachel McCalla 1976-2000

Another Website for Rachel

daughter of Debra McCalla, KY

Luke Patterson 1978-1994

son of Nim & Clara Patterson, KY

Ray Hollingsworth 1982 - 2002

son of Art & Carolyn Fitzpatrick, FL

Mitchell Fraser 1991 - 2003

son of Abbie Fraser, Canada

Alexandria Brown 1999 - 2001

daughter of Tim & Jeanne Brown, MO

Randi Hambrick 1976 - 1993

daughter of Lindy Boley, VA

Heather Lager 1983 - 2001

daughter of Pam Lager, IN

Jay Crim 1974 - 1999

son of Keith and Becky LaVey, KY

Chris Dalske 1979 - 2001

son of Craig & Kristi Dalske (Click on "Memorial" & type "Chris Dalske"), PA

Teresa Hough - 1968 - 1993

daughter of Ronnie & Jackie Wesley, IN

Michelle Marie 1984-1993






daughter of Daivd and Cindy Jo Greever, WA

Donald Wayne Lynch 1958 - 1994

son of Dale and Claudia Lynch, KY

Christopher Alan Williams 1979 - 1999

son of Ouida Williams and Joseph Williams, Jr., GA

Chrissie Carrigan 1986 - 2001

daughter of Daivd and Carrigan, MD

Seth Bunkelmann 1997 - 2002

son of Scott and Ruth Bunkelmann, FL

Alexandria Nicole Haddock 1993 - 2003

daughter of Alison Haddock, MO

Bo Upton 1983 - 2002

son of Sherry Smith, KY

Emily Collins 1982 - 2000

This website made by Emily's boyfriend

daughter of Bob & Terry Collins, NY


Chip Whitley 1962 - 1997

son of Marie White, TN

Tony Varlese, Jr. 1962-1997

son of Anthony & Jean Varlese, NY

Nathan Eisert, 1982-2002

son of Jan Ulrich, KY

 Owen Wheeler 2000-2002

Owen Wheeler Foundation support families and children dealing with pedeatric cancers

 son of Christie Wheeler, GA

Walt Prettyman 1979-1997

son of Walt & Maryann Prettyman, GA

Judy 1949-1993;

Jim 1959-1994;

Ed 1952-1999

sons and daughter of Maggie St. John, MA

Eric Zimmerman 1972-1997

Eric Zimmerman 1972-1997

Eric Zimmerman 1972-1997

son of Fred & Marilyn Zimmerman, NC

Kevin Mattingly 1978-2000

son of Robert Lee & Linda Mattingly, KY

Tyler Powell 1985 - 2002 son of Marshall and Lois Powell, KY

Jarrod Chrisman 1979-2003

son of Rodney & Susie Chrisman, OH

Jordyn Fitzpatrick 1998-2000

daughter of Chad & Christy Fitzpatrick, KS

Erin Scott Anderson 1990-2003

son of Tom & Rhoda Anderson, KY

Richie Epperson 1987-2004

son of Edith Epperson, KY

Ben Snoddy 1968-2002

son of Jean Lynn, IN

Lisa Goodwin 1989 - 2002

daughter of Helen Goodwin Szymanski, CA

Becky Jo Sester 1983-1999

daughter of Barbara Sester, KS

Matthew Hunter Vinson 2001-2003

son of James & Dawn Vinson, OH

Fallon McIntyre 2002-2004

daughter of Lizanne O'Toole & Louis McIntyre, NY

 Chantel Plante 1980-1998

daughter of Leo & Shirley Plante, Manitoba, CAN

Sabrina McCoy 1994-2003

daughter of Steve & Ledecca McCoy, OH

Jason Simmons 1981-2001

son of Jimmy and Ann Simmons, SC

James Scroggins 1978-2002

Another Website

son of Rick & Sherry Blevins, TX

Dale Belyea 1984-1995

Roselee Belyea 1982-2004

son and daughter of Betsey Libby, ME

Savanna Scheck 1988-1999

Clifford Scheck, IV 1990-1999

Cansus Scheck 1988-2003

daughters and son of Clifford & Donna Scheck, NC

Scott Christian 1977-1992

son of Gary and Barbara Christian, KY

Todd Wehunt 1973 - 2000

son of Wanda Wehunt, GA

Judy St. John 1949-1993

Jim St. John 1959-1994

Ed St. John 1952-1999

daughter and sons of Maggie St. John, MA

Heather Franco 1986 - 2000

daughter of Leslie Franco, NC

Josh Darna 1984-2000

son of Tracy Darna

Ethan Paul Miller 2004-2004

son of Paul and Mary Miller, WA

Dennis Christopher Tucker 1960-1986

son of Dolores Tucker, NY

Katie Callahan 1991-1999

daughter of Michelle Callahan, WA

Geoffrey P. Edwards 1984 - 2002

son of Karen Jenkins, NJ

Michael Anthony Spooner 1980-2001

Wounded Hearts Website

son of Mitch & Patricia Bird, MO

Krissy Goodman 1982 - 2004

daughter of Janice Goodman, TX

Nicholas Ryan Over 1980-2001

son of Skip & Chris Over, PA

John, Jr. 1965-1980; Sherri Lynn 1967; Kyle 1969-1995

sons and daughter of John & Joeann Poe, OH

Steven West 1975-1997

son of Tammy Papst, MI

Sean McKitrick 1984-2004

son of Diana & Jeff Kulas.TN

Jaymi Rinck 1989-1990

daughter of Barry & Cyssi Rinck, NC

Joe Frank Banks 1977-2001

son of Barbara & Carl Kinne, KY

Brandon Bacher 1988-2004

son of Steve & Irene Bacher, OH

Nicole Spencer 1984-2004

daughter of Paul & Connie Spencer, KY

Chris Marris 1974-2000

son of Jack & Dianna Marris, OK

Jayden Ellefson 2002-2003

son of Brent & Angela Ellefson, OR

Jonathan Holliday 1990-2004

son of Donna Adams, GA

JJ Wade 1972-2004 Another Website

Michele Wade 1976-2004 Another Website

JJ & Michele's Website

son and daughter of Diane Craddock, VA

Chyanne Scott 1999-2003

Another website

daughter of Eric and Kacy Scott, TN

Joey Scarpa 1971-1995

Another website in memory of Joey

son of Linda Scarpa, NY

Ben Snoddy 1968-2002

son of Jean Lynn, IN

Michelle Tassara 1982 - 1999

daughter of Mike & Elaine Tassara, LA

Josh Hedglin 1978-1997

If you want to add your child's name to their web site

son of Clinton & Monika Hedglin, MO

Ben Dixon 1988-1999

son of Gerry & Shirley Dixon, IL

Stephanie Smith 1997-2001

daughter of Kirby & Lisa Smith, CA

Tyler Tscheschlog 1988-2003

son of Doreen Kempinger-Tremper, MD

Sarah Wintz 1986-2003

daughter of Mike & Sue Wintz, AZ

John Jr. 1965-1980

Sherri Lynn 1967

Kyle 1969-1995

sons and daughter of John & Joeann Poe, OH

Jesse Gochez 1987-2001

son of Susan Morley, MN

Courtney Maria Wafstet 1984-2000

daughter of Tim & Cindi Wafstet, WA

Dustin Ellis 1985-2001

5th Anniversary Website

son of Melanie Woolum, WV

Tina Marie McQuaig 1972-2000

daughter of Linda Rice, FL

Shelly Pierce 1967-1986 daughter of Tony & Shelly Pierce, TN

Ian Eaccarino 1975-1996


son of Larry & Ginger Katz, CT

John Hartsig 1961-1999 son of Rosemary Hartsig, MI
Amanda Kate Stewart 1994-1998 daughter of Rick & Sandy Stewart, PA
Johnathon Ray Snyder 1991-1998 son of Jeff & Paula Snyder, OH
Preston "Moose" Drummond 2003-2005 son of Brandon & Amanda Drummond, GA
Doug Meadors 1982 - 2005 son of Evelyn Meadors, KY
Samantha Zima 1982-1998 daughter of Tom & Jan Below, WI
Robbie Smith 1983 - 2000 Hamp & Saralyn Smith, KS
Laurie Baer 1976-1992 daughter of Lloyd & Shirley Baer, TX
Nathan William Manz 1974-1992 son of Brenda Manz, NM
Kira Reddick 1998-2004 daughter of Russel & Angela Reddick, WY
Jessica Young 1981-2003 daughter of Bob & Candy Young, NY
Christina 1983-1997 & Mary 1977-1980 daughters of Scott & Alberta DeCicco, NC
Lauren Waller 1990-2000 daughter of Kristen Colding, FL and granddaughter of Joyce Allman
Dustin Allman 1977 son of Joyce Allman, FL
Anna Y. Colom-Serrano 1985-1997 daughter of Yolanda Rogers, FL
Chris Pereida 1980-2000 son of Kim Hargrove, TX
Curren Cossey 1981-2004 son of Teresa Cossey, OK
Daniel Foster 1979-2004 son of Debbi Foster-Murphy, AL
Josh Darna 1984-2000 son of Tracy Darna, FL
Trissie Fetter 1965-2003 daughter of Carolyn Bethea, SC
Jeffrey David Peak 1990-2004 son of Stephen & Meredith Prue, WA
Laura Kimble 1968-2002 daughter of Ann Sorbara, NJ
Rachel Campbell 1986-2004 under search type in Rachel Campbell daughter of Mike & Deb Campbell, PA
Victoria Helen 1999 daughter of William & Lorraine Ash, NJ
Jason Minkin 1972-1996 then type in Jason Minkin son of Jerry & Gwen Minkin, NJ
Clint Reagan 1985-2005 son of Alan & Debra Reagan, TN
Chyanne Scott 1999-2003 daughter of Eric & Kacy Scott, TN

Amanda Rose Waiscott 1985 - 2006 then type in Amanda Wainscott Another website

daughter of Kathy Wainscott, KY
Jason Dunn 1974-1997 son of Bud & Susie Dunn, WY
Kristen Teran 1982-2005 daughter of Gene & Donna Loughridge, CO
Michael Minger 1979-1998 son of John & Gail Minger, FL
Keith Wilson 1978-1998 son of Keith & Janie Wilson, CA
Jesse Higginbotham 1990-2007 son of Rebecca Woloch and Jerome Higginbotham, KY
Abby Van Campen 2003-2005 daughter of Guinever Van Campen, KY
Billy Sullivan 1986 - 2006 son of Dan & Ann Sullivan, IL
Jamie-leigh Britt 1987-2006 daughter of Judy Britt,
Danielle Bowman 1980-2005 daughter of Daniel & Verna Bowman, KY
Jeff Dicks 1957-1999 son of Shirley Matthew, TN
Trevor Dicks 1967-2005 son of Shirley Matthew, TN
Shaun Ortiz 1968-1999 son of Helen Ortiz, CA
Zack Tomlinson 1999-2006 son of David & Tina Tomlinson, KY
Jean Holmes 1984-2002 daughter of Joe & Ann Holmes, UT
Tim Holmes 1974-2008 son of Joe & Ann Holmes, UT
Ryan Kishbaugh 1984-2003 son of Roberta Humphries, NC
Kelli Laine Lewis 1982-2001

daughter of Pam Taylor, SC

Kenny Keogh 1982-1999

son of Cathy Bowen, NY

Doug Tate 1978-1997 son of Harold & Pat Tate, OH
Colby James Cole 1998-2003

son of Jack & Laura Cole, PA

Michael Carico, II 1963-2002




son of Michael & Carol Carico, Fl

DeAnn White 1974-2000


daughter of Clyde & Blanche Toole, NJ

Tony Wyatt 1989-2006

Brittany Wyatt 1992 - 2006

son & daughter of Ralph & sarah Wyatt, KY

Brian Christ 1982-2004 son of Tony & Lee Ann Christ, VA
Dana Marie Regan Brink 1995 - 2008

daughter of Cindi Brink, NY

Taylor Matthews 1991-2008

daughter of Sue Matthews, NY

Sonia Bawa 1989 - 2005 http://www.peaceisthecure.org

daughter of Raja & Beena Bawa, CO

Lulu Pyne 1997-2001

daughter of Warren & Gretchan Payne, MA

Darren Dutton 12/6/78 - 3/22/00

son of Dan & Paula Dutton, OH

Lindsey Boehm 2001-2006

daughter of Jason & Laura Boehm, SC

Randy Hecox 1969-1999

son of Ali Hecox, MO

Dustin Fitzer 1976-1995

son of Reeny Fitzer, OK

Becky Fitzer 1970-2005

daughter of Reeny Fitzer, OK

Natalie Fossier 1997-2007

daughter of Dave & Melisa, OH

Nick Whitener 1960-2009

son of Muril & Evelyn Whitener, GA

Jamie-leigh Britt 1987-2006

daughter of Judy Britt, TX

Dustin Rawls 1982-2007

son of Patti Rawls, TX

Justin Samples 1987-2008

son of David & Tammy Samples, KY