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Offers many selections of both books and audiotapes on Caregiving, Illness & Dying, Loss & Grief, Managing transition, Older age, Hope & Spirituality

Housden, Maria. Hannah's Gift

A bereaved mother shares lessons of living she received from her three-year-old daughter’s battle against cancer her last year of life.  Maria was the keynote speaker at J.I.M.’s Conference 2003.

Smith, Rosemary.  Children of the Dome

This book tells stories of 28 families who walk the path of fellow travelers. Luther and Rosemary have lost 2 sons.  Rosemary was the keynote speaker at J.I.M.’s Conference 1998.

She and her husband, Luther have also produced a documentary "Space Between Breaths." You can view a trailor and order this up-lifting, amazing documentary at


Rosemary Smith

Callanan, Maggie & Patricia Kelley.  Final Gifts

"Final Gifts," understanding the special awareness, needs, and communications of the dying.

Silagy, Sally.  My Teen Angel

A mother's grief about heartache, healing and hope after the death of her son, Scott.  Sally attended J.I.M.’s Conference 2002.

Pazolt, Veronica.  A Mother’s Lament:  Understanding the Pain of Suicide.

Veronica was a co-facilitator at J.I.M.’s Conference in a Suicide Workshop, 2003.

You can email Veronica at

Schoeneck, Therese.  Hope For Bereaved

Understanding, coping and growing through grief.

Haddon, Celia.  Love Remembered

The words express the disbelief, the grief, the anger and the sadness that they feel, as they move slowly through the stages of loss.


Footprints Ministry, Inc., Skip and Jerry Mudge, editors.


A newsletter to bring God's comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a child, a sibling, a grandchild or other family member.

or 704-509-6603


Dawson, Ann.    A Season of Grief:  A Comforting Companion For Difficult Days.


Ann wrote this book after the death of her son, Andy.  This book is a remarkable collection of quotations, personal reflections, and prayers intended for those who find themselves in their own “season of grief.”




You can email Ann at:


Alive Alone. Kay Bevington, editor.


This newsletter focuses on the unique grief of bereaved parents now
childless and provides hope for reinvesting in the future.









Stillwell, Elaine.

Two videos, "Helping Your Heart Through Grief, Volumes I and II."

Two books, Sweet Memories (1998) and A Forever Angel (2001), published by Centering Corporation, which are hands-on crafts books offering children, a variety of projects to make and share the memory of their special person who died, whether it be grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, sister or brother, best friend, or family pet.

Five pamphlets for the “I Can Survive Grief Series” (1998) published by Abigal Press, Inc.  In 2001, Liguori Publications published two pamphlets, Stepping Stones for the Bereaved (meditations) and Healing After the Death of Your Child (coping strategies).  Her newest book, The Death of a Child: Reflections for Grieving Parents, was published by ACTA Publications, January 2004.  She is a Contributing Editor to Grief Digest, a national quarterly magazine for the bereaved, published by Centering Corporation. 



Bullens, Cindy.  CDs: Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth;



Cindy wrote Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth after the death of her daughter, Jessie.  Cindy has performed at J.I.M.’s Conference for the past several years.


Grammatico, Claudia.  CD


Jean Varlese, His Song I Sing: A Tribute to My Son

This touching, honest book is about coping with the aftermath of suicide; a mother's attempt to come to terms with her son's death. This book is a powerful tribute to Tony's life and the impact he had on others lives.


Tony's website:

Dr. Judy Keith provides guidance and support to be-reaved persons through a private counseling practice. She is a death educator and board certified trauma specialist. She was widowed at age 30 and lost her son Billy when he
was 17 in a car accident. She also has an on-line catalogue of journals and books. You can order her journals: Grieving Well: A Personal Journal for Adults; Grief Skills for Life: A Personal Journal for Adolescents; Painful Choices (suicide); or Without Warning (accidents or murder) through her website.



You may contact her by email


Gloria Horsley, PhD, MFT, CNS, co-host of "Healing the Grieving Heart" heard weekly on the VoiceAmerica Health & Welness Channel. She is a Compassionate Friends Board Member, media spokesperson for The Compassionate Friends, grief consultant and a bereaved parent. She has written:
The In-Law Survival Manual: Cultivating Healthy In-Law Relationships, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997; and In-laws: A Guide to Extended Family Therapy, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. She has extensive experience doing seminars, presentations and media appearances.

Heidi, Gloria's daughter has written: Teen Grief Relief

Lorraine Ash has written: Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing (NewSage Press, 2004), and she also does workshops on: "Wisdom of Words: Writing to Heal the Spirit"

Charlie Walton wrote When There Are No Words; a book from the father's view of grief. He wrote this after 2 of his sons died from carbon monoxide. He has written other books also. For further information, click on his website

Barbi Kinni's book, When Broken Hearts Choose to Stop Beating , is about her 23-year-old son that chose to die, and the effects it has had on those left behind. Barbi hopes this book will prove beneficial to those that think they "just can't go on" when tragedy strikes. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention http://www.afsp

In hopes that others may be educated on the issue of suicide before it is too late, Barbi is hoping to begin, "JoesFoundation" from the books’ proceeds. This foundation will help parents in need of financial assistance in the event of the death of their child to assure a proper burial for that child.        //

Our Children, Our Hearts, edited by Emily Laitmon, LCSW with Terry Toll

This book contains Journeys of Child Loss and Remembrance. This book is a collection of 25 essays written by bereaved parents. With passion, rage, longing, sorrow, humor, and hope, the writers memorialize their children.



Run Because You Can - My personal race with cancer , Written by Ryan Patric Kishbaugh with Roberta Humphries (his mother)

Embark on a 15 month journey with one young man as he is diagnosed with cancer during his senior year in high school.  Experience the physical and emotional challenges that he faced as he tried to live as normal a life as possible with a fatal disease.  Be inspired and motivated by his words of wisdom.

Ryan passed 12/3/03


$19.95 +$3.00 P&H

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Fayetteville, NC 28305

The Ice Cube Book , Written by Sherran McDonough and artist Jane Conrad

This is a "how to" book (for children) facilitating discussion regarding transition. A practical approach ro speak with children after someone has made their transition to Heaven. Sherran wants to give a message to the children of the world to help them understand, in some small way, the transition from life to a heavenly place. This book can be used as a teaching tool and a means of open discussion regarding this delicate topic.

For more information, contact Sherran at

Words From God Through A Grieving Mother's Heart , Written by Carol Kiparisus in memory of her son, John.

This book starts with her telling about her dreams and gifts from God. Then the telling poetry that she has written since John's death in March of 2003. She shares her pain, her joys and her "Godwinks."

It is a journey that she has taken in her grief and a guide for all who have lost a child.



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Lulu's Rose Colored Glasses

This is the first in a series of books by Gretchan Pyne. This beautifully illustrated book was designed to inspire people to never take life for granted. Lulu inspire us to look at things for what they really are... simple. This book tells the tale of how a little girl noticing things she sees through innocent eyes can change her Moms life. Illustrated by Anne Carrozza Remick. Book includes a pair of Lulu Belle Rose Colored Glasses! $11.95

Lulu Decorates Daddy

A unique outlook on life through the eyes of a child that has the message of taking every day as if it were your last. $12.95


In Trusting God Through Tears , Jehu Burton exposes his personal agony and pain at the death of his 12-year-old son; shares his journey and offers encouragement and hope for all who are experiencing grief and loss.


In Jonas Wept, Regina Bargo writes about Jonas who is consumed with anger after the death of his father. His teacher introduced him to Michael whose father was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. Michael is Jonas' guide in accepting his father's death and in understanding life and death. The illustrations are by Hans Geist.