In Memory of James H. Taylor, II

7/26/72 - 5/20/91




This window has been placed in the Gatliff Chapel on the University of the Cumberlands campus, in memory and in celebration of the life of James H. Taylor, II, the only child of President and Mrs. Taylor. Jim was killed in an automobile accident May 20, 1991, the day before he would have graduated from high school.


Young Jim loved horses and "worked" and "broke" horses at his cousin's farm where he was going the day he died. The stirrup, the horseshoe, and the rope which encases the stained glass window represent that love.


The butterfly is the symbol for remembrance. The tassel and mortor board and the '91 represent the graduation he missed. While in high school, Jim belonged to the Bee Club (bumble bee) and the bat represents him playing on the baseball team. He also listed in the senior superlatives that he belonged to the Grape Club (cluster of grapes) and the Muscle Club (arm with a muscle). Neith of these clubs existed. He had a wonderful sense of humor.