Our Angels In Heaven Magnetic Ribbons for your car cost $3.00 plus $1.00 for shipping and handling so a total of $4.00 (This is for the smaller one)

The 8" x 4" are now available for $5.00 each plus $1.00 for shipping and handling - Total of $6.00.

The chapter of Compassionate Friends in Connersville, In. who are sell the "Our Angels In Heaven" ribbons will be closing on Jan.1, 2008. There still have some of the ribbons and will continue to sell them. Make checks payable to Kathi Mullens and she will forward the money from the seel of the ribbons to another local chapter.
Thank you in advance.
Butterfly Kisses & Happy Trails,
Jeffrey's Mom & Courtney's Granny

Snowflakes are winter's butterflies!

Butterfly Kisses & Happy Trails

make check payable to Kathi Mullens and mail to:

Kathi Mullens
10999 S. C.R. 1000 W.
Losantville, In. 47354

For further information you may email: