Good morning fellow travelers and welcome to the University of the Cumberlands where our children will always be remembered! Hope you had a good night last night and hope you feel that today promises to be as meaningful. I want to thank each of you for coming to J.I.M.’s Conference and I hope you find peace, hope and love here with your fellow travelers. I want you to know that I love each one of you and your children (maybe with the exception of those who give me a hard time). Thank you for sharing them with me and sharing them on the web site and newsletters so we may all get to know them and their spirit.

We welcome and embrace all siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and supportive friends who are attending the conference. We all need support and understanding from our extended family members and we want you to know that we need to talk about our children, and often. Siblings, we know you are the forgotten ones and we hope you take something away from the conference that will help you with your own grief journey. We thank you for being here.

In your folder, you will find a signed and numbered print from Ray Harm who is a renowned naturalist and artist. These are complements of the University. You will also find a card to attach to a balloon for our Balloon Lift off. If you need extras, you may find them at the registration table. Be sure to write a message to your angels.

Each family will be given a treat bag after the Candle Light Service. We have to wait until then, because we want you to have the earth that we brought and have been mixed together. Also, so you can have a picture of the group.

Even though this is the last formal conference, I’m sure we will get together in the future…maybe when Rosemary writes another book or makes another documentary. Rosemary, it is up to you.

Each of you has an open invitation to come and visit and I promise to personally give you the “Fellow Travelers Tour,” of our many memorials in honor of our children. Remember, there are pictures on the web site of each of these memorials, and be sure to look at the memory tables with pictures of our precious angels.

So many of you have changed emails, address, etc., so I hope, sometime during the day, you will sign the tablet to give complete and up-to-date information such as name change, complete address, email address, web site address if you have one, your child’s name, symbol and complete birth and angel dates. Please do this because this is the only way I can stay in contact with you and you with each other. If any of you want to contact each other after the conference and you forgot to ask for their address, etc., just contact me.

During the breaks, be sure to make your angel for the Candle Light Service. Even if you have forgotten your child’s picture, please make an angel. You might draw a face on the angel. Keep the angel with you until time for the Service. You can make the angels at the angel table.

Also during the breaks, those of you who purchased a leaf for the Tree of Life in memory of your child, you may place it where ever you would like on the tree which is upstairs next to the Window of Hope by Bill Rogers, a most loving grandfather.

Charlotte Martin, bless her heart, has sent the “Life Forever “Plants” which she given us each year.

I hope you will thank our wonderful students for helping us so much. We have such special students here at the Cumberlands and we are so proud of them. If you need anything, just ask one of them, they should be able to help you. And may I add a plug here. If you know of students who want to get a quality education in a Christian environment, this is the place for them.

As those of you know who receive emails from me, I am always forgetting something, so please speak up if I have forgotten anything. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

As we begin J.I.M.’s conference today, may we have a very special day as we Join In Memory.