Music:  Salute to Freedom (You can hear Taps and Amazing Grace played in this song)

Welcome to the retreat and flag folding ceremony conducted to honor and recognize those who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks on America.  Those who perished that fateful day are honored by the flag display you see on the lawn of the Hutton Building.  Our ceremony also honors those who have died in service to our country since that day and all who have served in any way at any time to preserve of freedom and liberty we enjoy in our country.  We welcome and acknowledge all veterans of the armed forces in attendance today.    
Patriot Park is a fitting location as the park hosts a shaft of steel from the World Trade Center and a replica of the Liberty Bell.  Along with the American Flag, these significant symbols stand as monuments to America’s strength, love of liberty and resilience in the face of tragedy.
Invocation - Would you join with me in prayer?
Our Father today we are aware of the significance of the occasion that brings us together.  We are mindful of our country and our fellow citizens and our loved ones who have departed this life.
Lord, just as the founders of our country turned to you for help, so (today) we turn to you in prayer for strong and wise political leaders--and committed citizens to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.
Open our minds and hearts to your guidance; help us to fulfill your will and to accomplish your plan for a civilization of truth and life and security.
Our Country seeks VIRTUE; may our leaders govern virtuously and may we live virtuous lives in service to you.
Our Country requires SELFLESS SERVICE; may we use the examples of those we honor as we resist selfish ambition and have the courage to serve what is true and right.
Our Country demands RESPONSIBILITY; may our leaders promote freedom--freedom which respects moral truth and the common good.
And so, Almighty God, we pray that those who lead us will exercise their authority acknowledging that you are the ultimate source of all wisdom and power.  And that we as citizens will bond together in unity and solidarity of purpose, always seeking your will.
This is the prayer of all of us who believe in you our God and love our country.  We who are Christians offer it in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Music:  America the Beautiful (this will feature student vocalist Cheri Reed.  We’ll present two verses of the tune)

Flag Ceremony

Today’s retreat and flag ceremony is being conducted by the University of the Cumberlands ROTC honor guard