Luther Smith combining our Earth that has literally traveled around the world.


Anne Byrnes brought the first earth from New York and shared the experience with us. Since that time, we have always had the ceremony which is so meaningful because the Earth comes from either a place that meant so much to our child(ren), perhaps earth from their grave site, or some parents have brought ashes of their children.


Earth Ceremony


We stand beneath the Christmas Box Angel dedicated June 5, 2004,

We stand at her base and her presence makes our children feel part of the lore.

We have J.I.M.ís Commons, the Window of Hope and the Tree of Life

It reminds us of our grief, our loss, our struggles, our strife.


But she also reminds us of our Hope for tomorrow

And there may be less of our grief, our emptiness, our sorrow.

We gather in the shadow of the Christmas Box Angel as she appears to sing

She reaches out with the promise of Hope which is written on her wing,


One by one, we quietly bring our special earth

As with our grief, we Hope it will give us rebirth

By combining our memories of the children represented her today,

We mix this earth and Hope that our children are also celebrating some way.


We will take a portion of this combined earth to our home

And will be reminded of the Commons and the two domes

The Tree of Life and the Window of Hope

And know that our fellow travelers will always help us cope.


As we fellow travelers have come together for the last 15 years,

And the time we have had together has been so precious, so dear,

We will celebrate our children and the impact they have had

And know that we will again be together and so it isnít so sad.


So, when your mind wanders and you have a thought, a whim,

I hope you will have a smile and will think of Young Jim.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Dinah Taylor


A portion of our combined earth will be in your bag as you leave after the Candle Lighting Ceremony.




Judy Rose sang "We Are Standing On Holy Ground."