Fhena presented us with a beautiful poem "I am" after the documentary and then wrote a poem just for the conference and graced us with it during the Candle Light Service. She is a remarkable person.


Few artists have the ability to merge spirituality, musicality, cultural identity and a fire performance factor into the genre of spoken word. As a poet, singer, and former musician, Fhena does just that. Her writing has the ability to stir emotions, provoke thought, and bring spiritual enlightenment in her unique blend of spoken word, instrumentation and vocals. Born in Rhode Island, Fhena began her path to writeousness with her first poem in the fourth grade. She became serious about her writing in high school, using it as an outlet to release frustrations. She was encouraged to publish her writings, but knew that it was not time. At that point, she was only bearing witness to social, economic and cultural injustices in her works. She did not want her voice to be heard until she had solutions to offer. This desire set her on a path of discovery...encountering, confronting and conquering personal and collective challenges. The gems mined on this journey are what Fhena shares with her audience. And those who have had an opportunity to withness a Fhena show know her for her rapid fire delivery, honesty and energetic performances. Fhena believes that being an artist is a special calling, a mandate of sorts. "My mission is to utilize spoken word to inspire thought, growth and discovery of the highest self. I want my words to penetrate the heart and mind bringing healing, clarity and understanding of what has been so we can be prepared for what is to come."

I encourage you to go to her web site and hear this remarkable woman: