Cindy Bullen's Workshop-Concert

Friday Night

Rosemary Introducing Cindy


Cindy in concert


I have heard Cindy many times, but we all agreed that this was her absolute best concert...there was such a soothing spirit there.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth:
Grieving Out Loud

Cindy Bullens is a two time Grammy nominated recording artist and songwriter whose career spans three decades. Cindy has worked with Elton John, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris and many others, and has recorded her own critically acclaimed albums. One of Cindy's most acclaimed works is 1999's Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth, written and recorded in the first two years after the death, from complications during treatment for Hodgkin's disease, of her eleven year-old daughter Jessie. Cindy writes in her liner notes from that CD:

"When my daughter Jessie died on March 23, 1996, just weeks after her eleventh birthday, I felt my own life end. I couldn't imagine that I could ever again be a productive human being. That Iwould ever again write a song, let alone record an entire album, was the furthest thing from my mind. But about four months after her death — still numb with disbelief — I found myself alone with my guitar, aimlessly strumming chords just to hear the comforting sound of the instrument. Without any thought on my part, a song emerged...

...I have learned from my own grief and from those who have suffered tragedy before me. There are only two choices for those of us who are left behind-live or die-physically or figuratively. Today I choose to live, inspired by the joy of living that my little red-headed spitfire imbued in every moment she was here on earth. These songs are from me and for me, but if they touch anyone who has experienced profound loss, I am grateful..."

Indeed, Cindy has touched thousands of people around the world with Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth's inspired songs of despair and loss, love and hope.

Cindy Bullens brings her human experience and musical talent together in her unique workshop, Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth: Grieving Out Loud. A bereaved mother's story through word and song, told with heart and soul, and tears and laughter. Music critic and author Dave Marsh says:" (Cindy) remembered the lessons Jessie taught her, and, in her child's spirit, she did the bravest thing she knew how to do: she rose up, looked tragedy in the eye, and turned it into art."