I attended the showing of your film in Lexington, and have been meaning to get in touch w/you for a long time.  I met you quite a while ago.  I'm a close friend of Becky's.  I wanted you to know how profound and enlightening I found your film to be.  Even though I've never lost a child and have no biological children, the film had a great impact on me.  As Becky's friend it made me understand more what her and Gam's world is.  Not that I could ever even imagine what it could possibly be, it shed more light on the darkness.  As an "outsider" it also was a powerul reminder on what's really important in this life. I often need my glasses re-adjusted on a regular basis to keep matters in their proper focus. The music was powerful.  The whole labor of love was a sacrament, and was done w/incredible quality and integrity.  Thank you.
Karen Adams


Dinah,  The documentary was beyond description and meant so much to so many.  Nobody in this world can understand how much it helps to be able to talk with others and be with others who have lost children.  I thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into the conference.  I look so forward to the meetings that we have. 

 Thank you so much. 

Leann Butler


Thank you so very much for including me on May 31 at the private showing of Space Between Breaths. I wanted to tell you how very moving and uplifting the documentary was to me. I started crying before it began and cried the whole way through. I sat next to the Mr. and Mrs. Herndon. I remembered reading about Roger in your book. They were so kind and caring towards me. They asked me who had I lost and of course I blurted out "no one"; I guess because I didn't feel worthy to shed so many tears just out of compassion. We talked more. Mrs. Herndon (Donna) said I would have been a great mother. That meant so much to me. After the documentary, I just had to leave. I was a mess.

Jordan is so handsome! That was the first time I have ever seen him in person and hate that I didn't stay to meet him. I hope he is doing well. You, and all involved, did a fabulous job on the documentary. And it was such a thrill to see, in person, all of the participants. The whole evening was magical and I could just feel all of the children, there with their parents. It was an incredible experience for me. Thank you again for inviting me. I took one of your packages to my friend who is a psychologist. She is reading it now and is amazed at all of the material provided in it. She said that the most difficult clients to counsel, for her, are those who have lost children. She has two boys; I think they are 13 and 16. She was very appreciative of the information and is taking the book on vacation to read.

Terri R. Stallard



Hi Rosemary!!

Hope you all are doing well.

Thank you so much for your sweet sweet card you sent to Brian and I.

We really do love you all and never would have thought of missing the documentary.  The whole experience was both so hard and so good for both of us. 

I sent you a note today so I don’t want to be repetitive, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for the whole experience that weekend and hearing from all of those families.

Our friend just sent me this link and I’m not sure if you had seen this yet….but I think this woman really falls in line with the therapy that you have been giving as well.

Love you and talk to you soon ,

Erin May ( Drew's girlfriend when he passed.) 


Dear Rosemary and Luther,
Thank you for bringing us "Space Between Breaths." Wishing you success with this documentary and it's message of healing.

Shan & Dale Kihlman
Danville, KY


Dear Rosemary and Luther,

     Thank you for inviting us to view the documentary, Space Between Breaths".  It was absolutely wonderful, but so sad. 

Guy and I appreciate your tireless efforts to help bereaved parents.  "Space Between Breaths" will not only help bereaved parents, but it will also educate "The Civilians" who have no idea what we have suffered and continue to suffer.


Guy & Debbie Jackson



Dear Rosemary & Luther,

        Jim and I cannot thank you enough for the most wonderful two days we spent with you and all of our fellow travelers in Lexington.

We are grateful for all that you both did to make it possible.  "Space Between Breaths" is such a special tribute to all of our children.

We know that Drew and Jeremiah are so proud of you both and your gracious capacity to love and to give.

      Our love will always be with you and your sons.  We wish all good things for you and for Jordan.



Elaine and Jim Madden


Dear Rosemary and Luther,

    What an extraordinary evening the premiere of "Space Between Breaths" was.  My family felt very special to be a part of it.

Rosemary, Joshua said, "When Rosemary hugged me, I felt a huge connection to her"!  He says he has something to share with me, but hasn't yet.

I was thrilled to meet Jordan and Fong and family!  How handsome they all are.

Much love to you both,

Melinda Kemp

Chase Bank



   Just a note of thanks for having me at the screening of your documentary on May 31st.  Fortunately I have not had to

experience the loss of a child, but did attend with my best friend, Sheila Stanfield who had to face this tragedy a little over three years ago.  You have been an inspiration to her, as well as to countless others.  Keep up the good work.  My heart goes out to all of you.  Both you and your husband are "brave and caring" in helping others.


  Donna Call



Dear Luther and Rosemary,

   I feel so fortunate to be in Lexington for the documentary.  It's very powerful.  Thank you for all your hard work.


  Pri Morden



Dear Rosemary and Luther,

     I am still overwhelmed with emotion when I think of the weekend in Lexington and what it meant to Mary, Lesley and me.

At breakfast on Saturday morning, Lesley said that a corner of her pain had lifted and that she was so very glad that she was able to come on Friday--she said she didn't realize how helpful it would be to talk to other bereaved parents about Nadia.  We all hope there will be a J.I.M.'s Picnic in '08.  We all want to come and help in any way we can.

    This scripture expresses my feelings about the conference.


Psalms 84: 5 & 6 - "How blessed are those whose strength is in You,

                              Passing through the Valley of Grief they make it into a spring;

                             The early rain covers it with blessings.

                             They go from strength to strength."


     Thank you for all you did and are doing for bereaved parents,

God bless your family,

  Sharon Kidd



Dear Rosemary,

    Thank you for inviting me to the documentary premiere of "Space Between Breaths".  It was wonderful,

educational , and sad.  I thought I would die when I saw you cry.  Rosemary, you and Dinah are my heroes!


  Elaine Perkins



Rosemary and Luther,

    Jay and I felt so honored to be among the invitees at the premiere of "Space Between Breaths".  What a title,

what an experience!  Fong's beautiful wife and children sat in front of us, and Cindy and her former husband were beside

us so we all got to chat, and that was an honor, too.

     I called my brothers and sisters and told them all about it!  This film will help so many.  Thank you,


Gayle Deaton



Dear Rosemary,

     Thank you for "Space Between Breaths".  Thanks Luther!  You did a marvelous job.  It was incredible.

You are awesome!!  Thank you for inviting me to the premiere.  I greatly enjoyed it.  My only regret is that I

was unable to spend time afterward or come back the next day.  Jordan is a gorgeous young man.

       I hope we can get together soon.  Sharon and I are going to get a little impromptu get-together in

Lexington this summer (with our group).  No special reason, just spent a few hours visiting with each other. 

Hopefully you and Luther will be able to attend.  I will let you know as soon as the time and place are set.

      Thank you so very much.

Love you,

  Nancy Hannon


Dear Rosemary,

    Thank you and Luther so much!  The documentary was wonderful and meant so much to all of us - can't

wait to see what you'll do next!

     You have given of yourself and your resources so freely.  I shall never forget your first phone call.  Thank

you so much for caring!

    With love and prayers,

  Sue and Ray Hutcheson


Dear Rosemary and Luther,

    Never have the words "Thank You" seemed so inadequate!  All that you have done for those of us who have lost

children is astounding, but the potential impact of the documentary is simply beyond comprehension.  Thank you so

much for helping to preserve the memory of our children and for supporting all who seek to find continued meaning in

life.  Your compassion and your vision are most evident in this compelling production.  The premiere showing was perfect in every way. 

Every detail demonstrated your kindness and generosity - the setting, the programs, the food, the flowers all were exquisite.  This occasion will

be etched in our memories forever.  Your sons ( all three) must be most proud of you.

     May God bless you abundantly as you have blessed countless thousands.

With love and gratitude,

Donna & Woody Herndon Rosemary and Luther,


    Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed "Space Between Breaths".  The film portrayed so precisely how life feels without our children; but at the same time, how we can continue to live and have productive contributions to others in our work and personal relationships.

     As intense as the film was to me, I physically felt lighter and very peaceful when it was over.  The siblings who participated in the fil m helped Mallory so much.  She has struggled so much.  For Michael's fiance, the film was informative and hopefully will help her understand who we really are.  She said Michael gave her your book to read very early in their relationship.  Thank you!!


  Carol Warren



   The documentary was wonderful.  I saw so many there who I feel it gave so much hope.  It gave me hope and I feel so

blessed to have been there.  God had each person there for a reason.  So many were blessed and so many walked out of there looking at life in a different way, a positive way.

    Do you know what a blessing you are to so many?  We all love you for caring so much.


  Dana Coomer

(always Ralphie) Rosemary and Luther,

     What a night!  We'll never be the same after watching, "Space Between Breaths".  Marilyn and I were spellbound - mesmerized- never seen that many people that quiet for that length of time.

     Luther and I are almost exactly the same age (few days apart).  Don't know how many nights we've got left, but I do know we'll never ever forget last night.

Your friend,

  Talbott Todd


Dale & I loved the documentary. Everybody needs to see it to get educated about bereaved parents. I've always said we need a tatoo on our forheads so people will either ignore us or try to understand us when we're bumbling around!!! Rosemary is amazing and so are you. I'm going to write her & tell her how much we apprecated being able to attend the domumentary & seeing so many people that we know.
XOXO, Shan (Kilhman)



Rosemary and Luther,

     I wanted to THANK YOU both for the lovely 2 days in Ky.  The Documentary will help more families who have to go on this journey of grief.  None of us wanted to make this trip but it is because the both of you, Dinah and Jim have been there to help others a long the way.  I was so glad that I was able to come.  My friends helped me so I wouldn't miss it.  There aren't enough words to describe how much family and friends mean to you.  The first time I met you and Dinah, I knew we would be friends.

     I know how much time and money it took for your Documentary to be made.  You will never know how much you have all helped us a long the way.  I missed not getting together last year  I'm not the only one saying that.  It gives your life a boost to make you want to go on.

     I mentioned this to Dinah and I now will tell you  If everyone on earth had to spend one month in Ky, there would be no war, killings or the things that is going on in this world.  We can all learn how to live if we came to Ky.  There was not one person we we're in contact with that didn't treat us like we were their best friends.  That says a lot, I think.

     I appreciate all the hard work you did to give all of us this gift of love.  We love you to.


Linda (Flory)



The documentary was so awesome. Rosemary & Luther will certainly receive heavily jeweled crowns in heaven. Every one was so inspirational, every emotion was like "I know what they're talking about." I pray every one world-wide will get to see this film.

Shelia Allen

 Luther and Rosemary

I want to thank you for making Space Between Breaths possible. Sitting there in the audience and sharing the film with so many grieving families was the most moving experience I have ever had. I still feel so overwhelmed I can't think of the words to say what the experience meant to me. Seeing Drew's face and hearing his little boy voice at Sports Camp truly "undid" me. I did not stay for the reception; I really just couldn't. I walked back to the hotel and found it was a beautiful evening for me to review in my mind what I had heard, how blessed I am to be part of your family circle, and how hard I need to pray for all parents who lose their children. 

I met the most beautiful person Lizanne O'Toole from White Plains, New York who lost her little girl Fallon one week before she gave birth to her 4th child and her 1st boy, She sat next to me and was so gracious to share her loss and pictures of her precious daughter. I will see her and her sweet little girl forever in my mind's eye. She gave me a copy of a song that a friend wrote "The Biggest Embrace" as part of an album. I will pass the album along to Linda Boyd at McCallie who was not ready to accept your kind invitation to Lexington. Lizanne asked me to listen and pass it on, and I want to honor her request.

Sometime, I want to buy your CD because I loved Cindy's music and lyrics. I know everything was there on the table in the lobby, but I couldn't seem to concentrate enough to think what to buy. I also want Phil to see your movie. As a psychologist who sees parents who have lost children, it is a must! I want a friend who lost her 14 -year -old son to a gun accident and 2 grandmother friends who have lost grandsons to see it .  When you show it again, would you please email me so I can perhaps get some folks together to join me in seeing it?

Rosemary, I so wanted to visit the boys' grave yesterday before heading home, but I was by myself and couldn't seem to get control of my emotions. I kept thinking I could do it and then I'd start sobbing all over again. With a 4 1/2 hour drive in front of me, I finally decided I would wait and visit another time with Phil as we have done before. As it was, I rearended someone on the bridge over the interstate at University of the Cumberlands (formally Cumberland College ) (that beautiful dome!). Fortunately, my bumper hit the woman in front of me right on that extra rubber bumper some SUV's have so there was no damage. It did wake me up, however, to the fact that I needed to pay attention to my driving and get home safely!

Jordan, what a handsome, lovable man he has become. I could have just hugged him and hugged him some more. How much he has had to deal with in his young life. Without even knowing him that well, I just love him and am so proud of him. Please, always let me know how he is doing.

Thanks again to you and Luther and Dinah and Jim for all you and others now in your Fellow Travelers group, etc. do to extend a loving hand to grieving parents. I wish churches would use your film as a lesson in how families cope and how those of us not within the actual experience can be useful and supportive. If you ever want to show the movie in Chattanooga, I would help set up a schedule of viewings at a variety of churches. Whatever, whenever, I can be of assistance, please call on me.

 Love and hugs to you, girlfriend!

Carol Kay (Johnson)





Dear Rosemary, I so enjoyed the documentary on May 31st.  I know you and your husband put a lot of work into the success of the film. My question is.....Would we be able to get an email picture of the photo of our son, Scott and myself that was at the end of the documentary?  Two of my friends (one that was at the premier) would also like to see the pictures of them and their sons.  Their names are Kathy Combs and Janet Cline.  Please let me know if there is a way to get these pictures.  I would so appreciate any info you can give me. Again, I want to thank you for you and your husband's dedication and hard work for the production of the documentary .  May God Bless You Both for being so supportive and caring during the filming of this meaningful documentary. God's Peace, 

Nancy Schroeder


Dear Rosemary and Luther,

Thank you for having Barbara send me Cindy Bullens' music for "Space Between Breaths." I was surprised and pleased and have put it on several times. I told Phil about her and her family's tragedy; she and her husband were so articulate in your film.

It seems as though so many childrens' deaths have been in the news lately. Every time I listen to CNN, I hear of another family who may need you and your program--the two little boys in Kentucky who died locked in the car trunk, the young woman from Staten Island who died from toxic effects of the use of Ben Gay, the recent high school graduate from Kansas City who was abducted from a Target parking lot and murdered...the list goes on. Sometimes the weight of the grief in our world is so heavy, one wonders how we humans can go on. But then, as your film said, the choice is made by grieving folks in that space between breaths, and has to be made over and over again. Just a stunning concept!!  For those of us who empathize and grieve for others, we must choose between breaths to show love, compassion, acceptance and Godliness in the next breath....over and over again.

Again, thank you both and Jordan for all you do to comfort others and to be the awesome loving people you are. You are truly God's good and faithful servants.


Love and continued prayers, Carol Kay



Dear Rosemary,


I am still in awe of what you created with the very poignant documentary.  My hat is off to you and Luther for handling so many details so perfectly.  Your editing job was fantastic - the way you mixed everyone's answers so meaningfully.  I hope you win many awards.  No matter what, it will educate many people about our special grief.


The Conference setting was comfortable and very inviting.  You did a great job with all the planning and aren't you glad you moved the Candle Lighting from the morning to the late afternoon?  That moving ceremony kind of wiped out a few people.  I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker.


Since I have been back home, I have been busy running four workshops for bereavement facilitators, in addition to the paperwork with our TCF meeting.  On Friday we had 80 bereaved parents with 9 new families!!!  Last month we had 72 with 8 new families.  Now it is time to start the July newsletter which takes a few days.  There is always a project on my desk.


I am giving 3 workshops and the Closing Keynote for the Bereaved Parents/USA in Chicago, July 12-15, will be Keynote Speaker at the Samaritan Conference in Houston, TX, Sept 7th, and giving two workshops and Dinner Keynote at the TCF Eastern Regional Conference in King of Prussia, PA, Sept. 28-30.  I have a few speeches to spiff up.  I was asked to give a workshop on Multiple Losses.  I have never developed that topic.  Do you have any major points that I should make sure to include on that subject?


Hope you are relaxing.


Elaine (Stillwell)




You know I will bombard you with my thoughts as they occur...and I am getting so old...they occur way too often.....but I keep thinking of that awesome it each segment seemed to show in a mysterious way HOW and When we get "better , " without that "stages of grief" that so many well - meaning people have thought of!!! It built and built until we in the audience ,  no longer cried or cried a lot less.

Ro, I think it is the pinnacle of all the hard work and love and effort you have put out there in the last 15 years. I do believe there is something connected to that 15 year "mark" that is so painful for you both. Wherever and however this goes in the both have accomplished something....awe - inspiring...I am so grateful to be close to you both...

Thank you

Eleanor (Foss)  




Dear Rosemary,

Congratulations!  You did it! What a wonderful tribute to our children. 

I had hoped to talk to you at the premiere or conference, but they go by so quickly.

You all did an absolutely beautiful job at absolutely everything.  

Good luck on the film festivals - - hope that goes very good for you.

Thanks again!

Charlotte Martin 




Claudia Grammatico


Hi Rosemary

I was in touch with the Mom in NY that you referred me to.

She has written to me about her son Kyle. I think she lives way up North.

Thank you also for the CD's.

I am sure you got raves about the film.

I keep seeing it in my head.

It is excellent.

Take care Rosemary.

 You are such a rare giving woman that has brought much healing and comfort to the earth.

I want to tell you also that you and Luther looked so elegant at the viewing!!!!

Love, Claudia



Hi Rosemary

I am still reflecting and regrouping from your powerful documentary. It was profound, hopeful, positive, holy, sacred and full of grace. Paul is making you a DVD of all the filming he did during the activities . I will send it next week. I treasure you and all that you have done on this planet for suffering parents. The film will go places that we cannot comprehend for your film is just so deep and beyond words. You are anointed by the Mighty Lord and your Sons/Sun to give this message I enjoyed meeting folks after the viewing and especially being with Linda and Becky. They are so precious for their hearts are so broken. At dinner one night they spoke of not having a future with their children and never being able to hold a grandbaby. Bless your heart and Luther's.

You are both so giving and your documentary is so Altruistic. So many HONOR you


Hi Rosemary

mercyFirst envelopes 3,000 children in their system.

That means hundreds of students, teachers ,school psychologists, counselors, medical staff, etc.

The communications department informed me that they will be putting the Space Between Breaths web site as a link on their  mercyFirst web site shortly to educate all staff and employees on the dynamics of grief, loss

and transcendence..

The documentary is a Life Lesson on living with a hole in your heart

and even spilling out compassion, strength, caring, giving, love, light and creativity in the process passing through the hole....

Your film is so positive in the message of Faith

and what we hope for

and what we do not see......

I have a meeting on Thursday with New York State MADD

and next month the staff meeting at the NYODN......





Dinah and Rosemary,
I'm sorry this has taken me a week to write, but I came home to the last week of school - report cards, cum. folders, portfolios, math cards, word study assessments, well, you get the picture.

I looked forward to last week from the day I found out about the documentary and JIM's Conference.  That might seem that unusual, but I really don't look forward to much of anything anymore.  I was very interested about the things that were going to happen, but the most wonderful part is that I was able to meet both of you.  You have meant so much to me, and even in the terrible moments, I knew from very early on that I had friends as close as my computer.  It is so amazing how the bond between all of us can be so strong and immediate.  I don't think we stopped talking at our lunch table for even a moment.  Those were two days that I am sure I won't ever forget - well, hopefully.  I won't tell you how much time I spend looking for things that I should certainly know where they are, and the name thing is really getting harder!!!

Now I have two more things to look forward to.  One will be the DVD of the documentary, and the other will be coming to Williamsburg next spring where I KNOW you will be having the picnic.

Thank you just isn't a strong enough word for all you have done to me and so very many other bereaved parents.

Much love,
Colleen Baber




Dear Dinah,

Thank you for a lovely conference. When I was leaving work my boss wished me well and to enjoy the conference. I thought it was odd, because of the topic, "enjoy" was not the adjective I would have selected. But I ran along, pondering this as others said "enjoy". I certainly enjoyed seeing you and Rosemary, along with all the other people who are not a part of my routine life but have gained so much from knowing. Simply, it is the reason why we need to gather that removes some of the joy. This is more of a pilgrimage that I need to take to pay homage to my son, and now my sister. And in a way to all of us survivors. How ever heartbreaking our stories, we are still standing which is a miracle worth celebrating. Thank you for creating a venue for such a celebration. And YES, I will always attend each and every J.I.M.'s conference to see you and to celebrate the lives of our children and the survival of our kind. Our species is a unique kind of survivor and quite blessed to have met you dear Dinah.

Peace and Blessings to you fellow traveler,

Debbie (Garber)




Jim Sims

Your J.I.M.'s Conference was excellent as usual.  I'd not heard Elaine Stillwell before and enjoyed her talk very much. She was an outstanding addition.  The rest of the program was also very well done.  It was good to learn more about the parents and siblings from the "Space Between Breaths" film and to be entertained and touched by Cindy Bullens music.  And of course, closing with a candle lighting is always special.  Additionally, it was a good networking time for me.  I met multiple people from the Lexington/Bluegrass area that weren't aware of our local Compassionate Friends group and hopefully convinced them to start attending our meetings.  As you well know, bereaved parents and families can receive much needed support from Compassionate Friends.  Thanks to you & Rosemary for giving all of that to us.



Just a short note to let you know how much we all enjoyed the conference this year.  I think it was evident that everyone there went home with something that will help them.  I know that even though I have attended all your conferences since Jessica's death, I always come away with something that helps me and that I can pass along to other bereaved grandparents that I encounter. Take care and thanks again for a successful conference. 


Brenda (Rogers)




Dinah and Rosemary, thanks again to both you ladies for a great conference.  There is such a need for these conferences as demonstrated by the people that attend them, especially the newly grieving ones.  They offer hope to those who are without hope.   As stated in the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build it they will come"!  In your case, you have already built it, you just need to have it and they will come.  One thing for sure, if you have it next year, Brenda, Lynette and I will be there.  

Bill (Rogers)


Dear Dinah,
Thank for all your love and your positive energy. The weekend meant so much to Mike and me ... and especially to Reid. We will look forward to seeing you again.
Much love,
Diane Cooper


Dear Dinah,

    Words can't express my appreciation for the film and the conference last weekend.  I feel as if a breeze from Heaven has come through my soul and cleared out some dust and heaviness.  My newly bereaved friend, said on Saturday, that a corner of her pain has been lifted.  Her daughter, was killed in a car wreck in August 2006.

   We would like to attend J.I.M.'s Picnic if you decide to organize one for 2008.

We all felt it was very helpful and hopeful.  Thank you and Dr. Taylor for all you do for bereaved families.   

    God bless you!  Sharon (Kidd)





 It is a privilege to vote for Rosemary and Luther as Most Valuable Parents.  I don't know what we, fellow travelers, would do without them or without you and Dr. Taylor

 "Space Between Breaths" and JIM's Conference were both very special, as I knew they would be.  Cindy Bullens was great, as usual.   I am always amazed at how the "spark" you started has spread and touched so many lives in great despair, so positively.   How better could you honor your wonderful young Jim.

 Thank you all for these special times and for providing a "safe place" for our grieving and broken hearts.

 With Love,

Emma (Jonathan's Mom) (Keen)



Dear Dinah,


 Thank you so much for the conference!  How did it go by so fast.  You all did just an absolutely beautiful job.  Just wish we'd had more time, but don't we always wish that?

I took 175 Live Forever plants and came back with zero.  It's so strange to find out that that tiny little one-inch "thing" that I found growing in my grass has reached Taos, New Mexico and California because of J.I.M.'s conference.  Suzy Christman told me she was the one who sent a "start" of the Live Forever to a grieving mother in Taos.        

I mailed several starts to someone in Louisiana. They are splitting and transplanting them as fast as they can so that they will be able to give them away in Louisiana

Thanks again!  Congratulations on another success.


Charlotte Martin   





It was such a pleasure meeting you and your husband.  Your son Jim is smiling down from heaven with all of the great things you have done.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to attend such a wonderful event (movie & conference).  You are truly an angel with a wonderful gift. 

God Bless You!

Michele Mistler 




Dear Dinah,

Thank you for creating a safe haven for so many fellow travelers!  I’m thrilled to be here and share in J.I.M.’s conference and the preview of “Space Between Breaths” – Wow!!

Big hug,

Lizanne O'Toole (Fallon’s Mom)




Dear Dinah,

     I wanted to Thank you and Jim for a lovely 2 days in Ky.  I loved the Documentary and I think it will help people who are going through this journey of grief.   We need each other to let us know that we aren't crazy.  We just need someone to lean on for a little while.  You have been that to many others.  I know the first time I came down there, I truly believe it was the beginning of my healing process.  No, I will never be over it but I can laugh and smile and believe that I truly want to go on living.

     I want to thank Rosemary and Luther for their great gift of the Documentary.  Each one of you gave a piece of yourself to help others.  It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

     I believe that if everyone in the world would have to spend a month in Ky, our world as we know it now--would change to how we want others to feel and understand.  There would be no more wars, killings and the things we are used to seeing now.  There would be love and peace which we all want.  I did not come in contact with one person in Ky who wasn't nice.  We were treated as if we were born there.  It must be a great place to live and raise a family.

     I hope you will continue to have the Conference.  I missed it so much last year and I know that others did to.  It gives you a boost in continuing this journey.  I will help in any way and I know others will also.

     Again, THANK-YOU for the Southern Hospitality.  It means more to us than you will ever know.



                                                                            Linda (Flory)




My Dear Dinah,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and the giving of your time and yourself!

The documentary was great - so was the conference.

Thanks again to you and "Taylor" for reaching out to us - words cannot express how much it has meant on this journey.



Sue (Ray too!) (Hutcheson)


Thank you so much for the terrific J.I.M.'s conference. It was certainly nice to share a hug with you at the preview of Space Between Breaths.  You, Rosemary, and Luther are very, very, special people!
Thanks and God Bless,
Janet Smith


Thank you so very much and God bless.  I can't tell you enough how pleased I was at the debut and the conference on Friday.  It was just wonderful to be with people who felt the same as I did.  It is very comforting.  God's blessings to you now and for always.

 Ella June (Robertson)


We loved the documentary!  It was extremely well done.  I think this could have enormous impact across the country and even the world. 

Thanks for all you both did to make the Lexington event so successful.  It was not only memorable, it was uplifting and encouraging.  I think our kids were mighty proud! 

We love you guys.

Donna & Woody (Herndon)




   This was my first conference. I was glad to finally get to put a face with a name.

It was a honor to meet you. I did not get to come to the documentary and I guess I missed a great production by all the responses that you have. I did get to meet a lot of folks and there were a lot that I didn't get to meet. Dinah, you and Rosemary have a great gift for people and I'm sure your children are so proud of you. I also got some of the books I had wanted for a while.

 I could not find Children of the Dome here and I was so glad to get to read it and my Heart Notes and some other things. Thank you for all that you do.

When the documentary comes out I will have it so I can see what I missed.

Take special care and God Bless.

Love Juanita (Hicks)