I had emailed Bill to ask him how the window was developing and had stressed that I knew this was an all-consuming project that was a lot larger than it had appeared to be in the beginning.


October 4, 2004 – Over a year after Bill had started the window, I received this email:


Hi Dinah,


I really have not felt that this project has been a huge burden.  It has been something that I needed to do for Lynette, Brenda, you and all the other parents.  I certainly do feel the pressure to complete the project, but the project has been a real labor of love.  I guess it’s like when the brother was asked about the burden of having to carry his crippled brother everywhere he went, and he replied “He’s no burden, he’s my brother.”  We all need to feel that our lives account for something besides just taking up space on the planet.  This is what I needed to do to justify the good life that God has given me.  Your yearly picnic has helped so many people through the years and I feel that my window is but a small part of that huge effort.



Your Fellow Traveler,




Bill, knowing you has changed my life.  When I think of all the hours, upon hours you have spent, embracing each piece of glass and making sure it was just the right color and in just the right place, I know that you are truly a man of God and you are glorifying His name.  I can’t help but think of the verse in Matthew 25:21  - “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”


You will never know, in the years and years to come, what this Window of Hope will mean to others.  We know what it means to us, but as students and parents pass our way, they will know of a man named Bill Rogers who loved his daughter and granddaughter so much that he wanted to do something in their honor and memory and in memory of all our children. 


Thank you Bill Rogers for this Window of Hope,

Your vision and artistry is helping us to cope,

With the loss of our children we come together now

You have been the leader and have shown us how

When tragedy strikes and we don’t know what to do,

We will, like you, find a way to honor our children too.


The symbolism in the window is shared by us all

And we know now, on each other we can call,

Each piece of the window is made of small parts,

Representing our broken lives are the shards,

But because of the Master’s Hand in guiding you,

You have become the Hands of a Master, it’s true!


This piece of pottery was made by the past Chair of our English Department – Rayford Watts.  It is to remind you of the love and appreciation we have for you and this exquisite window.