2005 Candlelight Service


Parents making their angels for Candlelight Service



Pictures of Candle Light Service



Each who attended the service, made an angel for their child(ren) using their child's picture for the face of the angel(s). We each wrote their name(s), dates and personal messages. At the service we said their name(s), lit a candle, and placed our candle at our child's angel along the stage. As we sat looking at the stage where our children were pictured and the candles flickering, it reminded me that we grieving parents are on one side and our children on the other...but in our own death, we will meet them and be together once again, just as we took our angels and candles with us after the service.



Thanks to TCF Chapters of Indiana & Ohio for organizing the service, Judy Rose for singing Day by Day which she wrote for last year's conference, and Kathy Jo Gutgsell for playing the beauitful harp music while we were lighting our candles. It was such a spiritual experience and I felt we were surrounded by our children.