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Do you plan to live in campus housing? All full-time students are required to live in university housing unless you meet one of the criteria for exemption.

In order for a student to live off campus, one of the following criteria must be met. The student must be/have:
1. married;
2. living locally with a parent or guardian;
3. disabled person as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and required, as an accommodation, exemption from this policy.
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Attended/Graduated from University of the Cumberlands (Cumberland College)?
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List all colleges and universities previously attended or currently enrolled in, beginning with the last insitution attended, including University of the Cumberlands (Cumberland College). Failure to list ALL institutions previously attended or currently enrolled in, may result in loss of credit and dismissal from the university. We must receive a certified transcript with an official seal and signature from each college or university attended, regardless of whether credit was earned.

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Academic Honors

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Extracurricular and Community Activities

In addition to your academic background, the acceptance and scholarship committee would also like to know about your involvement in school, community, or church activities. Using the space provided, please list your principal extracurricular, personal, volunteer, community, and family activities and hobbies.

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Confidential Information

The following questions are an iMportant part of your application process. Failure to complete any item below will result in your application being considered incomplete. You must answer both questions below before you can submit your application.

Are you currently on probation, parole, or under restriction with any court, or have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a traffic violation? (If yes, you will receive a questionnaire to complete and return.)

Has any academic or disciplinary action been taken against you at any secondary school or institution of higher education you have attended? (If yes, please provide an explanation below.)

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I hereby certify that all statements in the application are complete and true and acknowledge that my admission and continuing status at University of the Cumberlands are conditional upon such completeness and truthfulness.

If accepted as a student, I pledge to uphold the Christian values which are the foundation of University of the Cumberlands. I will conduct myself in a manner which will reflect positively upon myself, my peers, and my university. I consent to the use of my name and my picture in university media.

I pledge to uphold the guidlines of the University of the Cumberlands, which are outlined in the student handbook.

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