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Any student wishing to live off campus must complete a Housing Excuse Form each semester. Each request will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Life.  This form must be on file in the Office of Student Services before confirmation of classes can be completed.

Filing of this form with the Office of Student Services does not represent a cancellation of any residence hall room reservation. It is the student’s responsibility to make all cancellations through the Registrar’s Office.

Name: ID No.:
DOB: Marital Status: Single Married
Local Phone: Cell Phone:
Current Mailing Address (Include Apt#, City, and Zip)
Home Address:
Cumulative Hours Completed: # of Hours Currently Enrolled:
Cumulative GPA: Email Address
REQUEST (please provide information you feel will be pertinent in helping us make a decision regarding your request)
Address where you plan to live:
Phone Number where you plan to live:
With whom do you plan to live?
Relationship to you:
This application is being made for of    year


By submitting this form I agree that I have read the University of the Cumberlands Student Handbook and recognize that I must abide by all University regulations, regardless of my place of residence. I further understand that any failure to abide by these policies, or if I should be placed on academic probation, may result in my being required to reside in a University facility.





In order for a student to live off campus, one of the following criteria must be met. The student must be/have:

1. married;
2. living with a parent or guardian;
3. disabled person as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    and required, as an accommodation, exemption from this policy.

Any student who has not been excused from compliance with this policy prior to September 1, 2003, may complete a Housing Excuse Form. If excused and granted the privilege to live off campus, the student will forfeit eligibility for, and will forfeit any previously awarded, but not received,private grants from the University, (page 141, 2007-2008 University of the Cumberlands Student Handbook).

Any student on academic probation, except those covered by conditions 1, 2, or 3 above, may be asked to move into University housing until probation is lifted. The University is exercising this option.



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