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Student Insurance Waiver Policy

All international students, all students that are participating in intercollegiate athletics, and all athletic team graduate assistants, are required to have adequate medical insurance during their time of enrollment at UC. Students that do not submit an approved online waiver with proof of their own medical insurance coverage that meets UC’s minimum insurance coverage requirements by January 23, 2016 will be enrolled in a student insurance plan administrated by ARC.

Students may apply to waive out of coverage by this plan by submitting an online waiver at no later than January 23, 2016 . Any student that has not completed an acceptable online waiver by January 23, 2016  will be enrolled in this student insurance plan, and the insurance premium will be billed to the student’s tuition account.

The Spring semester premium, which must be waived by January 23, 2016 is $735 for coverage that begins January 8, 2016 and ends August 7, 2016 Coverage must be continued for these dates as outlined and once enrolled, the student cannot cancel the policy before the end of the policy term. In submitting the online waiver form for approval, students must provide proof of current coverage that meets the minimum insurance requirements as follows:

  • Offers at least 60% coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical services in the Williamsburg, KY area
  • If a deductible is in place, it must not exceed $5,000 per year
  • Offers medical benefits of at least $25,000 per accident or illness (plans that provide emergent care only are not acceptable)
  • Provides coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical services for injuries or illnesses sustained in intercollegiate sporting events (if participating in any intercollegiate sporting activities)
  • Provides direct claim payment to providers (plans that offer reimbursement only to an individual for claims incurred are not acceptable)
Questions about the waiver process or the student insurance plan should be directed to the Athletic Training Room: 606-539-4369.




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